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Lacking Ideas

9/12/2016, 9:42 AM in The Entire Series
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Lacking Ideas
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STOOVRS 9/12/2016, 9:42 AM edit delete
Y'know. That stuff.


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Sam Richardson 9/14/2016, 3:32 PM edit delete reply
Sam Richardson
Woah, you animate? PM me some maybe? Or you could put 'em in the CF short film club.
STOOVRS 9/14/2016, 4:38 PM edit delete reply
yessiree, i animate. but my animations kinda suck. yt channel goes by STOOVRS. same name. im makin' a new project with the doodlings except it'll focus on one doodling. it's about some dude finding the right food for his hungry stomach. 23ish seconds are already done and i maaaaaaaay submit it to the cf short film club.