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Wait, where's the search button?

This may be surprising, but I removed the search option. I'm sure you know why: because it never worked. My God, did it suck so bad that it had to be removed. But hope is not lost. Because you can go to archive and press ctrl+f on your computer (or Find on Page if you own an iOS system), search for a title, and bam. Magic. Of course, this may be complicated because you have to remember the title. Anyway, that's it. Laters.


A bit of an update on just one thing or whatever I don't care lol this title is getting to a point where it's too long to get me to the point of what I'm trying to say

Hey you know how when you go to the archive, there's a thing that says season 1? Yeah, I'm doing seasons now. Season 1's currently running until someday in like May 2017.

So yeah, that's it.

Also, there's still no guest comics. I may cancel it since no one's doing it.

Although I may ask some people for a crossover. But the world may never know what's in store of the Doodlings universe...

Okay see ya.


Doodlings guest comics

Heyy guest comics are here.

And it's not a contest (zoo wee mama).

But here's the catch, you have to PM me panels via ComicFury or send them via DeviantArt as links.

For more info such as rules and other stuff, visit the link here:

Well that's all. See ya later.